HypnoBirth & Beyond

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& Beyond


Of course becoming a parent doesn't stop at the birth. It is one of the biggest transitions you will ever make in life. Coaching and hypnotherapy can help you make it with ease:


  • helping you build your physical and emotional confidence

  • ridding you of negative beliefs

  • helping you eat healthily

  • increasing your resolve to give up smoking

  • enabling you to adjust to your new role as a parent - before and after birth

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Hypnobirthing is a natural, safe  and effective antenatal preparation programme. The programme I teach you is soundly based on established theories of anatomy, physiology and psychology. You will learn simple techniques to practise throughout your pregnancy to enable you to replace fear and anxiety  with confidence and excitement in your ability to give birth the way nature  intended: comfortably without stress. Feeling calm and confident during pregnancy and labour helps the body to work efficiently – releasing endorphins, the body's natural anaesthetic and feel-good hormones. This is good for mum, good for dad and good for baby. What’s more, the benefits continue way beyond the birth itself.


I was trained by Katharine Graves, founder of KG Hypnobirthing, the home of Hypnobirthing in Europe. The course you will attend is based on her methods and is approved by the UK's Royal College of Midwives.


It is a fact that once ridden of fear, the vast majority of women are able to give birth naturally. It is my aim is to make sure all the women I teach get the best shot at achieving that, and that they are also prepared for any curve balls that might (but hopefully won't) come their way.