Pete wrote to saying...


" For the first time in a long time it is like the sun is shining in doors! My son asked me are you happier dad...did Martin do that…?


So you owe him an explanation…


Now a bit more serious: Martin the last week has been great, I love the kids, I love my wife even more, and last but not least I wake up before my mental computer has rebooted. I wake up with an empty thinking, not work just the family, I even whistle when I walk to the office, and work starts when I am behind my desk."




"Ive been stuck on this weight for some time and now after that Hypno-Band the weight is coming off again." - Lionel S.


"You have made me think really differently about my cigarette smoking. I'm quitting!"  - David W.


"In just one week I can talk about the death of my brother without becoming tearful....something I haven't been able to do for 11 years" - Jim C.


"I was terrified of flying, especially turbulance, but now I am looking forward to my flight, feeling really very positive, thank you" - another Jim! See the mail here

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