what is hypnosis useful for?

Let's be quite clear from the start - when you are hypnotized you are always in control. The image you may have seen where a hypnotist "makes you sound like a chicken" can only happen if the person being hypnotized wants it to happen.


You do however need to be able to follow instructions for best results.


So, what can a hypnotist help you with?


At Inspire we help people:

  • get rid of anxiety

  • lose weight*

  • stop smoking

  • overcome nerves and fears

  • overcome blockers that prevent you succeeding

  • create your future



Sessions cost CHFs150 per hour. The length and number of your sessions depend on the change you want to make. For example lossing weight and stoping smoking will take more sesions than overcoming nerves of dealing with a fear or phobia.


To find out more about how we can help you in your deire to change, get in touch now, and talk to our trained and registered hypnotherapist.


*Licensed Hypno-Band practitioner.


What's it like?

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